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Guardian System for True Edge Application (TEA)

High quality perimetrical enamelling for architectural glazing

Functional and aesthetic benefits for a range of applications

Guardian System TEA is suitable for use wherever perimetrical enamelling is required or desirable. Application of Guardian System TEA helps to provide a strong and uniform surface. This offers reliable adhesion with a long-lasting appeal in structural glazing applications, or in all-glass corners, roof glazing with a glass overlap, glass louvre windows and other types of window applications.

A breakthrough processing technology

In structural glazing applications, the areas of the glazing where sealant is applied nor mally requires adequate edge deletion. Similarly, in glazing with ‘all-glass’ corners, ceramic print is applied to cover the structural elements such as joints. However, the edge enamelling process is time-consuming and requires  additional  handling  steps,  resulting  in  long  lead times. Quality issues may also arise, as often the area to be treated is too wide for conventional edge deletion devices, resulting in poor optical quality and non-uniform surfaces. In  cooperation  with  Ferro  –  one  of  the  world‘s  leading  suppliers  of  glass  enamel  products  –  Guardian  has  developed  a unique technology for the high quality edge enamelling of cut-to-size glass with Guardian heat treatable sputtered coatings. The technology is not only faster and more reliable than conventional methods resulting in a perfectly uniform surface with excellent optical qualities, but also more resource-efficient, which will reduce lead times for structural glazing products.

Effective enamelling in a single process

With Guardian System TEA, the material-dissolving ceramic paint (enamel) is applied directly to the sputter coating, dissolving it during the heat treatment process. The high quality Ferro enamel simultaneously fuses with the glass, creating an exceptionally strong bond and a perfectly uniform surface with excellent optical qualities.  After  cooling,  the  coating material is fully embedded in the enamel. The efficiency of Guardian System TEA effectively reduces the number of post- processing steps into a single process, enabling the glazing to be delivered to the customer faster, with shorter lead times.

Guardian System TEA fuses with the glass to create a very strong bond 

Guardian System TEA can be applied  using  silk-screen  printing,  roller  coating  or  manually.  The  technology  can  be  used with Guardian SunGuard® or ClimaGuard® heat treatable sputter coating and in combination with a number of widely used structural glazing sealants. The technology is  certified  ETAG  002  by  the  Institut  für  Fenstertechnik  (IFT)  in  Rosenheim, Germany, and the Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen (AbZ) of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBT).


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