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Guardian Clarity™

Anti-reflective glass in architectural applications

Guardian Clarity delivers an outstanding viewing experience

Glass has the ability to combine function, strength and beauty. It has many roles to play in modern architecture where the benefits of advanced technology enhance the timeless quality of glass. However, while the glass itself may be clear, the perfect view and transparency are often obstructed by glare, reflection or filtering of the original colours. These distractions keep us from having a clear view.

Guardian Clarity Display Case
Comparison of Clarity vs. Ordinary Glass

Always looking good – looking in and looking out

Guardian Clarity anti-reflective glass is the ideal product for any application in which excessive reflection creates an obstruction: from a shop window which loses impact due to distracting reflections, to a viewing platform which loses visual accuracy due to distracting glare, to a restaurant with a breathtaking view which becomes completely hidden as soon as the sun goes down. Guardian Clarity anti-reflective glass provides the perfect solution for:

• Retail storefronts
• Architectural entryways
• Airports and control towers
• Stadiums and arenas
• Petrol stations
• Car showrooms
• Hotel lobbies
• Restaurants, cafés
• Banks
• Any residential or commercial building with a stunning view

Anti-reflective glass for eye-popping details

Guardian Clarity anti-reflective glass meets the need to maximise visibility with minimum light reflection.

The use of Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass in combination with Clarity increases light transmission and neutralizes the green colour of standard glass leaving a crystal-clear appearance. The desired “no reflection” effect can be created only when all glass surfaces of a monolithic or insulated glass unit are coated with Guardian Clarity.

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Tailor-made solutions for performance above the limits

You will want to achieve the desired combination of maximum transparency and minimum reflection. At the same time you will need to meet local regulations in terms of energy performance, while making a rational and feasible specification with minimum compromise. Used in combination with other Guardian state-of-the art products. Clarity’s low reflection and higher light transmission can help you to meet these challenges.


The clear advantages

  • Excellent optical properties
    The residual reflection colour of Guardian Clarity is a soft neutral blue, in combination with Guardian UltraClear substrate it achieves maximum transparency and incredible aesthetic appeal.
  • Temperable for safety
    In applications which require safety glass, Guardian Clarity can be tempered or heat strengthened by a Guardian certified glass processor.
  • Multiple sizes for maximum productivity
    In addition to the standard stock sheet sizes, Guardian Clarity is also available in 3210 x 6000 mm, a real advantage in cutting optimisation.
  • Double-sided when you need it
    Guardian Clarity is offered either one-sided for further lamination processing into double-sided, or already applied to both surfaces of the glass substrate, making it highly flexible for any application or purpose.
  • Complete with TPF
    Temporary Protective Film is applied to ensure proper handling and protection of the coated surface during processing.
  • Expert technical and specification support
    The Guardian Sales and Technical Support Team is ready to help answer questions on any technical aspects of the product and its functions, as well as on the processing of the glass.

Product availability

Guardian Clarity is available in the industry‘s widest range with thicknesses of 3 to 15 mm and as already double-sided laminated glasses from 33.1 to 88.2.





Please note
Guardian Clarity provides a residual reflection of less than 1% (exact number depends on glass configuration and/or thickness) and a viewing experience through the glass that is virtually distortion free. However, under specific natural and artificial lighting conditions, light reflection may be seen by the naked eye in some low viewing angles. It is recommended that a sample is viewed in the actual location to understand which of these factors may be present in your particular application.



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