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Sputter Coating Technology

Advanced Sputter-Coating Technology

The Secret Behind SunGuard Solar Protection Glass 

Guardian has invested tremendous resources toward continuous improvement in glass performance in g-value, U-value, and other measures. As a result, the specification and use of SunGuard Solar Protection Glass continue to grow in the commercial construction market. We offer a wide range of products that:

  • Can achieve dramatic energy savings
  • Will meet or exceed varying local and regional building energy codes
  • Can satisfy different aesthetic and design requirements
  • Can provide shorter lead times for fast-track projects   


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The science of sputter coating
Historically, there have been two ways to apply coatings to glass. During the “online” (pyrolytic) process, the coating is applied during float glass production. The “off-line” process occurs after the float glass is produced, using a Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) coater. In general, the MSVD process offers more coating options and improved solar, thermal and light-to-solar gain options than the pyrolitic process.

To produce Solar Protection Glass, Guardian uses Magnetron Sputter Vapor Deposition (MSVD). By using various gasses, such as argon or nitrogen and oxygen, and by layering metallic and dielectric layers in different sequences, we can produce a wide variety of coatings to meet most design and performance requirements.  

The SunGuard advantage    

  • enjoy light
  • feel comfortable
  • be protected
  • save energy
  • unleash creativity
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