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LEED Certification

Earn LEED Points with SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass

As one of the world’s leading producers of architectural glass, Guardian has the products to help your project earn more LEED points. Our SunGuard products offer the largest selection of post-temperable, sputter-coated glass in the industry. These advanced coatings can give you the striking appearance you want while delivering the comfort, functionality and energy savings your project needs. 

Earning you LEED points in five categories

LEED for New Construction v.3 is a voluntary standard for developing high-performance sustainable buildings. Using SunGuard Advanced Architectural Glass can boost your LEED score in up to five categories, for up to 34 total points.

SunGuard’s potential LEED points include the Regional Materials category. That’s because, in many cases, there will be an independent Guardian Select Fabricator within 500 miles of your project, reducing energy use to transport your glass.

The LEED scoring system.

To qualify as LEEDcertified, a building must score at least 40 points. Higher levels of compliance are possible, as shown below.

 Certified: 40-49
 Silver: 50-59
 Gold: 60-79
 Platinum: 80-110


Although LEED does not certify a specific product, using SunGuard Solar Protection Glass can help you earn up to 34 LEED points. 

Energy & Atmosphere Optimize Energy Performance - Credit 1 2- 19 
Materials & Resources Recycled Content - Credit 4 1 - 4
  Regional Materials - Credit 5  
Indoor Environmental Quality Daylight & Views  - Credits 8.1 & 8.2 1 - 2
Innovation & Design Process Innovation in Design - Credit 1 1 - 5
Regional Priority Regional Priority - Credit 1 1 - 4


For complete details on all the ways SunGuard Protection Glass can help you earn LEED points, click here to download our LEED brochure ».

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